Why Technology Partnerships are Important

Aug 13 2018

NGD Systems

An image of five hands with gears join together representing technology partnerships.

For anyone who has been in the enterprise information technology (IT) business for any amount of time, the importance of technical partnerships is fairly obvious. No single technology “stands on its own”; all technologies have to work with some other set of hardware and/or software resources to accomplish some business goal. For instance, networks connect groups of servers, which execute middleware and applications that actually drive business revenue. Because of this, successful technology companies cultivate partnerships with other companies that are part of their “ecosystem”.

For computational storage, there are a variety of technology partnerships that are important, but the most important is partnerships with application vendors in spaces such as “big data”, edge computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and real-time analytics. NGD Systems already has a strong partnership with Microsoft Research that is focused on edge computing and IoT. We are actively looking for other partnerships in this and a variety of other spaces (reach out to me at eli.tiomkin@ngdsystems.com if you want to talk). We are also partnering with other computational storage companies to increase manageability and interoperability where possible with other computational storage devices. Over the next few months, we will launch the NGD Systems Computational Storage Partnership program; look here for more on this subject. Thanks!

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