When It Comes to Product Launches, Why do the Marketing Guys Have All the Fun?

Jun 13 2019

Richard Mataya

It always seems like the marketing guys have all the fun when it comes to product launches. They get to write press releases (OK, they can have that part!), do interviews with press and analysts, host launch events, and make up cool collateral (guess that they can have that part too!). Now that I think of it, it is really the engineers that have the most fun at product launches, especially when the marketing guys invite us to the launch events! After all, we are the ones that built the products getting launched, so for us a product launch is really the culmination of all our hard work. A product launch is really recognition by our company (and our industry) of what we accomplished!

The NGD Systems Newport M.2 NVMe solid-state drive (SSD) that we launched on Tuesday is a fitting example of why engineers like product launches. Our M.2 NVMe Computational Storage SSD represents the smallest computational storage device built to date. It packs 8 terabytes of storage into a package the takes up less than a cubic inch and consumes less than 8 watts of power. Our storage controller technology is also NAND flash-agnostic, allowing many avenues for product growth and evolution over time. More importantly, our M.2 SSD contains the Newport computational storage controller, a high-performance solution that accelerates petabyte-scale workloads through its cutting-edge in-situ processing capabilities. Newport combines a multi-core ARM Cortex-A series processor running an embedded Linux operating system capable of running both standard and container-based processes along with dedicated hardware to accelerate a variety of workloads such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and search applications. Its programmable computational storage services (P-CSS) allows it to support these workloads at the source and at speed, avoiding the latency associated with loading large data sets into server memory before they can be processed by the server CPUs.

The applications that can be accelerated by our Newport Computational Storage platform are numerous, and our M.2 product is particularly suited for edge computing applications, where the size, power consumption, and especially latency of standard server-based analytics solutions are not suitable. For vertical markets like content delivery networks (CDNs), being able to perform operations like encryption and access management inside of computational storage devices speeds up system performance, reduces latency, and shrinks the physical footprint and power consumption requirements of CDN point of presence systems. If this all sounds great to you, contact us at NGD Systems to hear more about how the Newport M.2 computational storage can help you with your high-density, high-performance computing needs.

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