What’s with All the Hype

Jul 10 2020

Scott Shadley

What does a #HypeCycle from Gartner mean to you as a customer???

From their site here: https://www.gartner.com/en/research/methodologies/gartner-hype-cycle

Separate hype from the real drivers of a technology’s commercial promise

Reduce the risk of your technology investment decisions 

Compare your understanding of a technology’s business value with the objectivity of experienced IT analysts

Why does that matter? #ComputationalStorage enter the #HypeCycle at the crossover point due to products like the NewportPlatform already shipping to customers!!

When technology gets Hyped without real products, they call it a “Trigger”. However, with real products from NGD Systems, and others, the technology enters the Hype at the ‘start of the rise’

Now while Gartner admits that many technologies will get to the “Peak” and fizzle out, and they have plenty of examples of this. But what is keen to understand is that they lose value in their research for anything that enters the Hype and then exists without success.

This means the Vetting process is much more involved than one would think. It also means that for a technology to ‘bridge’ across more than one Hype Cycle, it is a true testament to the future success of the technology.

For Computational Storage, it is shown as a ‘5-10 year’ item. One must realize, that is for ‘mainstream adoption’ not ramping to volume. So while it seems out in time, this is just further validation that it will happen sooner than most expected.

I had the luxury of working for STEC back in the day when we launched the “Enterprise SSD” in 2008. It made a Hype Cycle back then, in 2010 and finally exited the Hype in 2014. But I promise, the 1 Million or more drives we shipped were well before 2014!!

So back to our current innovative technology, here are the Hype Cycles that are available today!

We have the luxury of highlighting the true technology overlap and innovation by being placed on two unique Hype Cycles. One for Storage, and one for Compute. Not many technologies are so universal, flexible or capable of doing this. One that we like to have a part in is the efforts of the NVMe Architecture, of which, Computational Storage is hot on the heels, and even entered the Hype ‘further along’ then NVMe did, 4 years ago!!

Take a look Below. Want to learn more… We will gladly share these reports with you. Just let us know you are interested : https://bit.ly/NGD_GartnerReport

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/whats-all-hype-scott-shadley/

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