NGD Technology enables multiple vertical markets including Edge Computing

Enabling Datacenter Growth

Use Case

Scale-Out Massive Capacity, Reduce Power, and improve Carbon Footprint

Massive SSD Advantages

24x Volumetric Density (mm3/TB) 7x Higher Capacity 128TB vs 18TB 10X better Seq Performance 200X faster Random Performance ML-based Endurance Enhancement

Edge Compute for Enterprise

Use Case

AI-Based Enterprise DB Analytics Enables GreenplumDB at the Edge

Massive SSD Advantages

10x Power Reduction 8x Rack Space Reduction Same Resiliency Same Capacity Shared GPU Resources

Computational Storage for Content Delivery

Use Case:

Real-time Coherent Cache Updates
Data Encryption and Authentication
Content Delivery Traffic Routing

Computational Storage for Small Sat Edge AI

Use Case:

AI/ML Inference – Computer Vision
ML Distributed Training
Encryption & Authentication
HD Video/Image Storage

Computational Storage for Autonomous Vehicle

Use Case:

HD Map Updates
Object Recognition & Tracking
Distributed AI/ML Model Training

Vertical Markets

Hyperscale Data Centers

Hyperscale data centers execute a wide variety of workloads, many of them parallel in nature. By utilizing intelligent storage for these workloads, hyperscale data centers reduce CapEx, OpEx, power/cooling, and physical footprint.

Content Delivery Networks

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) need to be able to rapidly provide a variety of encrypted and access-controlled content to subscribers. Intelligent storage allows access control and encryption to occur at the point of storage, reducing costs.

The Intelligent Edge

With a growing need to store and analyze data at the edge, or newly defined Fog Storage market, a gap in analytical ability is growing. Intelligent storage solutions solve the low power, more efficient compute needs without strain on the edge and fog platforms.

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