Today Marks the Birth of Some Big Capabilities in a Very Small Package

Jun 11 2019

Scott Shadley

Product launches are always events that we in marketing try to make the most of. First of all, they don’t happen very often – you might get to launch two products in a good year, with one being more common. Second of all, every product launch provide an opportunity to talk to press and analysts about your company’s latest and greatest product. In our case, that product is the NVMe™ M.2 version of our Newport Computational Storage Platform, which we are launching today for general availability. The Newport M.2 Computational Storage SSD is the second Newport Computational Storage SSD product to be launched by NGD Systems, and follows our U.2 NVMe SSD which we launched last year.

When I say that our Newport M.2 crams a lot of capabilities into a small package, I am not kidding or dealing in hyperbole. The Newport M.2 Computational Storage SSD crams 8 TB of storage into a 22110 M.2 package (that’s 110mm, or roughly 4-1/3 inches in length) – that’s twice the size of the largest M.2 NVMe SSDs on the market today. The NGD Systems Newport M.2 SSD also features a miserly power consumption of under 1 watt per TB. But most importantly, the NGD Systems M.2 SSD includes the in-situ processing capabilities inherent in our Newport computational storage platform. This includes an ARM Cortex-A53 processor running a 64-bit operating system which is embedded in the Newport computational storage platform SSD controller. Putting computational storage into this small of a package is a first, not just for us but for the industry!

So what can users do with all of this capacity? For edge computing use cases, the footprint for placing computational storage capabilities into embedded designs just got a LOT smaller. The 22110 M.2 package has a volume of well under a cubic inch; this compares to a U.2 drive with a volume of around 6 cubic inches. Just imagine an embedded system with sixteen of our Newport M.2 drives in it, sporting a capacity of 128TB and sixteen ARM processors – that is a lot of power in a very small volume! Most importantly, the NGD Systems Newport M.2 NVMe SSD provides high-performance, high-capacity, low-latency processing for edge computing applications that cannot afford a cluster of 1U or 2U servers to do their processing, whether due to size, power, or compute performance. Talk about some big capabilities in a very small package! Contact us at NGD Systems to hear more about how the Newport M.2 computational storage can help you with your high-density, high-performance computing needs.

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