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Sep 19 2019

Scott Shadley

In a world with an abundance of data and more Internet of Things devices connecting daily, we must adapt and figure out how to store, analyze and process the massive amount of data without causing bottlenecks and slow-downs. By 2025, it is expected that 175 zettabytes of data will be generated. There are currently more than five billion consumers interacting with data daily and by 2025 that number is expected to jump an additional billion.

What can save us from the data Tsunami? Cue Computational Storage!

Computational Storage is an IT architecture where data is processed at the storage device level to reduce the amount of data that has to move between the storage and compute plane. As such, the technology provides a faster and more efficient means to address the unique challenges of our data-heavy world – satisfying high bandwidth and very low latency response times by reducing movement and increasing response for analytics. This allows NGD Systems to accelerate edge-related and AI workloads that pound out enormous amounts of data per day and need to be analyzed and processed. That is why IDC called NGD Systems an ‘2019 IDC Innovator’ in a recent report.

What does all of this mean?

An example of this real-life issue can be found in the airline industry. Over 8,100 aircrafts are in the air at any given time with an average capacity of 150 people, that’s roughly 1.2M individuals that have data generated from previous flights that are still unanalyzed for safety. The amount of information generated during a 4-hour flight can take more than 10 hours to analyze upon landing. In other words, there are planes flying that may have issues that no one is aware of. Computational Storage allows for faster Artificial Intelligence tools to run when the plane lands and ensures it is safe for the next flight.

Interested in learning more about Computational Storage?

If so, next week, we will be in attendance at the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) Storage Developer Conference, an informative conference discussing the storage industry topics such as NVMe & NVMe over Fabrics, Persistent Memory, Object Storage, Storage Architecture and of course Computational Storage! Our VP of Marketing, Scott Shadley, is the Co-Chair of the SNIA Computational Storage Technical Work Group (CS TWG) and lent a hand to establish formal definitions and terminology to properly categorize Computational Storage technologies. He is hosting a open (Anyone can attend) BoF session about the current and planned future work of the SNIA CS TWG that we recommend you attend on September 25 at 7pm!

If you aren’t able to stop by and chat with us at the conference, other events we are heading to this fall include:

  • Online Webinar for Advanced NVMe SSDs, Sept 24
  • OCP Regional Summit, September 26-27
  • AI & Big Data Expo, November 13-14
  • Edge AI Summit, November 18-19
  • SC ‘19 in November 17-22

To learn more how on NGD Systems helped coin Computational Storage terminology, check out our previous blog

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