The Science of Technology Partnerships

Oct 11 2018

NGD Systems

Two puzzle pieces are coming together depicting the partnerhships in technology.

In the high-technology information technology (IT) industry, there are (generally) two types of partnerships. The first type is technology partnerships, where two or more companies work together so that their products can form a “complete solution”, and this is the form of technology partnership that we will focus on in this blog entry (we will cover other types in follow-on blogs). Examples of technology in our industry range from interoperability testing between products like network switches and ethernet NICs to building plug-ins for management frameworks to joint product development activities.

From an engineering perspective, we tend to think of these partnerships in terms of a “division of labor” – who does what and when. But at least as important as that is how the partnership allows the partners to be more successful in their businesses. For most organizations, that typically means expanding market share, either by increasing the number of markets that they can address, or by becoming more competitive. That means that these partnerships, while technology focused, are usually driven by business development, marketing, and sales needs. It also means that the science of building successful technology partnerships really revolves around: a) understanding what your company wants from a partnership; and b) identifying and engaging the right partners.

At NGD Systems, the goal of our technology partnership program is to increase the number of applications that can take advantage of our computational storage products. That means we are looking for companies developing petabyte-scale applications that are reasonably parallel in nature. Examples of markets with this type of applications this include biosciences, edge computing, defense/intelligence, content delivery networks, and financial services companies. If you are interested (and we haven’t reached out to you yet), please contact me at

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