The Progress of AI and Big Data in Business

Apr 16 2019

Scott Shadley

The AI & Big Data Expo in London (April 25-26, 2019) showcases next-gen technologies and strategies for practical AI and Big Data business applications. Dr. Marc Teerlink, Global Vice President of Intelligent Enterprise Solutions and Artificial Intelligence at SAP, is a featured speaker at this year’s expo and a subject matter expert on AI and machine learning technologies. Dr. Teerlink points out that just a few years ago machine learning was unheard of outside tech space. The expectation now is that at least half of business processes will be fully automated within the next couple of years. He highlights the following:

Once existing processes are automated, new processes will be created as we move from a process-driven world to a data-driven world. Based on the insights from data, businesses will create new processes, reshuffle existing processes, and digitize the process experience.

Behind AI, machine learning, automation, and processes is data, and specifically BIG DATA. The impact of any real-time data analytics relies on data that is comprehensive, meaningful, relevant, and accessible. There is no point in accumulating data for data’s sake. As we move to machine learning being the norm in business applications, the need to access data, the right data, quickly and logically becomes integral to the success of any workplace, as data analytics are also equally relevant relative to cost and efficiency, i.e. power consumption and latency.

NGD Systems Newport Platform is designed to access data efficiency, reliably, meaningfully with lower power consumption and little to no latency. In-situ processing creates the opportunity to move the inference, and in some cases the learning, onto computational storage to implement shallow learning with weightless neural networks. We hope to see you at the AI and Big Data Expo in London next week. Contact me at for information about computational storage and the opportunity to bring intelligence to storage, or if you want to have a meeting with us.

Newport NVMe Computational Storage Platform beside the AI & Big Data Expo in London banner.Newport NVMe Computational Storage Platform beside the AI & Big Data Expo in London banner.

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