The Partnership Model for NGD Systems NVMe Computational Storage Products

Nov 08 2018

NGD Systems

Intersection of technology and go-to-market ecosystems exemplified by a group of people gathered together.

Computational storage represents an interesting intersection of technology and go-to-market ecosystems. Computational storage is in the end a tool to accelerate a variety of workloads, in a variety of settings, including petabyte-scale analytics, content delivery networks (CDNs), edge/embedded computing, machine learning, and biosciences (to name a few). Today, these markets are served largely by system integrators (SIs), with server OEMs and appliance OEMs also providing some market coverage. The SIs and OEMs architect, benchmark, deploy, and configure these systems for end-customers, utilizing applications either from the open source community, or from third-party software vendors.

To be certain, the types of SIs tend to be vertical market oriented; you typically don’t see crossover between (for instance) SIs providing content delivery systems to telecom service providers (these SIs are typically called network equipment providers, or NEPs) and the SIs that provide real-time analytic solutions to e-commerce companies. Similarly, the SIs can also specialize based on whether the software is open source (in which case the SI typically architects the overall system) or whether the software is from a third-party vendor who provides a reference architecture. In a few cases (CDNs and cloud service providers specifically come to mind), the end customer may provide the software and architect the system, in which case they typically utilize original design manufacturers (ODMs) to provide the hardware.

Our primary focus is to work with customers and SIs that can support the efforts of hosting their solution software on our computational storage platforms. While this will typically be SIs utilizing open source software or customers that utilize their own software, we will also work with third party software providers who are interested in hosting their applications on our platform as well. If you would like to explore how easy it is to move applications to our computational storage platform, please contact me at

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