The Evolution of Data and Technology, OCTANe TIF Part 2

May 02 2019

Scott Shadley

NGD Systems will be attending the OCTANe Technology Innovation Forum (TIF) on May 13 and 14. Two things jump out of their stated objective- to focus on the evolution of data and technology as they see the future of work, retail, smart cities, sports, FinTech, national security and health- “Innovation” and the “Evolution of data and technology.” Our last blog focused on the innovation side of that objective. Today, let’s explore the evolution of data and technology.

The proliferation of massive amounts of data coupled with an immediate need to access and analyze the data is an issue today and tomorrow. In fact, a survey of 900 IT professional with organization with 1000+ employees found 35% of respondents use six or more products to manage their secondary data. Sixty-three percent said they have between four and 15 copies of the same data, and 85% of organizations store their data in two to five public clouds.

An analysis of the evolution of big data to date, and its continued evolution, repeats the theme of right data versus data for the sake of data:

While Big Data is often misunderstood from a business perspective (again, it’s about using the ‘right data’ at the right time for the right reasons) and there are debates regarding the use of specific data by organizations, it’s clear that Big Data is a logical consequence of a digital age.

At the same time it’s a catalyst in several areas of digital business and society. Just one example: Big Data is one of the key drivers in information management evolutions and of course it plays a role in many digital transformation projects and opportunities.

The importance of Big Data and more importantly, the intelligence, analytics, interpretation, combination and value smart organizations derive from a ‘right data’ and ‘relevance’ perspective will be driving the ways organizations work and impact recruitment and skills priorities. The winners will understand the Value instead of just the technology and that requires data analysts but also executives and practitioners in many functions that need to acquire an analytical, let alone digital, mindset.

NGD Systems is at the forefront of this evolution of data and technology. We have developed the most advance NVMe storage solution. Our Newport Computational Storage Platform is the first ASIC-based computational storage platform in the work. It is the industry’s first SSD Controller ASIC to be released on a 14nm process technology. With up to 16 flash channels and optimized storage performance with In-situ processing capability for intelligent real-time data analytics. The big data of today and tomorrow- petabyte-scale datasets- are readily handled with improved performance over other technology approaches. Evolution? We are at the forefront. Let’s talk about how your applications can evolve with today’s big datasets.

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