The 20 Coolest Component Vendors: The 2020 Storage 100

Apr 14 2020

Joseph F. Kovar

While software is what pushes data here and there, that software and that data need the right base on which to operate.

The manufacturing of hardware and software components continues to thrive as vendors and their customers look for better ways to manage data and find value in it.

Here are the 20 coolest storage component vendors of the 2020 CRN Storage 100.

NGD Systems: One of The 20 Coolest Component Vendors

NGD Systems is among the 20 coolest component vendors of 2020 CRN Storage 100.

Founded by Nader Salessi, NGD Systems aims to shape the storage industry by developing the world’s first enterprise storage SSD. NGD Systems develops high-performance NVMe-based SSDs using a 14nm ASIC-based controller with capacities of up to 64 TB. The company also develops the NGD Systems Newport platform that combines its SSDs with in-situ processing to perform AI and big data management inside a storage device in real-time.

As customers continue to look for better ways to manage data and find value in it, vendors of hardware and software components like NGD Systems strive to improve data infrastructure, deliver cutting-edge performance, provide solutions, and cater the customers’ dynamic needs.

Visit our website today and learn more about how we bring intelligence to storage, help you scale data performance, and deliver real-time results to overcome the issues of data growth.


The Newport Platform was designed to address these and more issues that have been overlooked for generations of storage architecture.


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