Tech Trend #2 – Artificial Intelligence, or Making a Reservation in your Best Human-like Voice?

Jun 06 2019

Scott Shadley

As we stated in our last blog, the tech trends of 2019 all point to data management and digital transformation. The second trend is Artificial Intelligence (AI), which refers to using machines to mimic the cognitive functions of human learning and reasoning. To be most effective and accurate, AI requires massive data, since the models adapt and adjust through training and added data. Of interest, the World Meteorological Organization just published a report indicating AI is contributing to efficiency gains in handling data for weather and climate predictions. Complex dynamic processes such as hurricanes, fire propagation, and vegetation dynamics can be better described with the help of AI. Perhaps this will balance out the interference with data collection created by 5G?

While the public seems wary of AI in general but accepting of experts such as NASA using AI for complex data analysis, how quickly will the public embrace new AI consumer products? Duplex is a Google Assistant tool that calls restaurants and books reservations. The AI-powered voice caused controversy because it is so lifelike. Nearly 73% of people polled say they are somewhat or very unlikely to trust that or similar products.

Douglas Merrill, former CIO and VP of Engineering at Google, advises companies to get ahead of the AI trend. He recommended four principles tht companies need to adhere to for AI to be successfully integrated into their organization:

1)     Don’t be intimidated by AI. Understand the basics and use IA to enhance your company’s current mission.

2)     Keep it simple. The best AI projects are easily understandable by anyone affected.

3)     You don’t necessarily have to compile additional data. In fact, you probably already have a wealth of data that may be utilized with the right analytics.

4)     AI is an ongoing expense, not a one-time investment.

Note his third point. You may already have all the data you need but are you making the most of the data you have? Can you pull the relevant information from that data and utilize it? About 61% of companies with an innovation strategy are using AI to identify opportunities in data that they would have otherwise missed. Our computational storage approach and in-situ processing sorts data faster and with a smaller infrastructure footprint for real-time data analytics. Data collection and data movement are not the answer. The key is making sense of the data you have. Find out more about how NGD Systems and computational storage can help you with your AI implementation.

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