Scott Shadley of NGD Systems Is Appointed Board Member for SNIA

Nov 08 2019

Scott Shadley

After volunteering for more than a decade with The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), I am honored to announce that I have been appointed to SNIA’s Board of Directors for the 2019 and 2020 term. As a globally recognized and trusted authority, SNIA is on a mission to lead the storage industry in developing and promoting innovative architectures, standards and educational services that facilitate the efficient management, movement and security of information. As SNIA’s mission mirrors my own professional mantra in the 20-plus years I have been in the data storage industry, I am excited for this next step.

In a recent release announcing the board of director appointees, executive director, Michael Oros said the following:

We are seeing an increasing number of startup companies joining the major system and component vendors on the SNIA Board and as active members in the organization. NGD Systems joining the SNIA Board amplifies the voice and energy of the storage startup community within SNIA. Together with new industry participation from AMD, ARM, Facebook and others that became members this year, SNIA is extremely well positioned to lead the vendor community innovation and storage standards development for the rapidly growing data-driven economy.”

I have had the privilege of working for several organizations that have been on the very cusp of disruptive data storage technologies and working to promote and drive that effort. My latest endeavor with NGD Systems continues this desire and drive as we are the very first company to develop “In-Situ Processing”, with Computational Storage technology pioneers, Nader Salessi, Vladimir Alves and Richard Mataya leading the helm. With its unique ability to add compute power, Computational Storage packs a powerful processing punch in the new and innovative storage form factors and power saving needs of the new edge-datacenters– whether it be in a cell tower to enable 5G communications or helping to stream petabytes of data through a content development network.

For the past two years at NGD Systems my main goal has been to put a new focus on this innovative technology. Now, as a SNIA board member, my goal is to continue to drive and promote NGD, SNIA and all the work being done to help companies take advantage of the Computational Storage industry as it evolves and becomes the next level of storage for today and the future.

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