Open Compute Project and NGD Systems NVMe Computational Storage – Part 2

Mar 14 2019

NGD Systems

We talked in our last blog about how the Open Compute Project (OCP) architecture being highlighted at this week’s Open Compute Project (OCP) Global Summit is complimented by the NGD Systems Newport U.2 NVMe® Computational Storage SSD. Like the OCP datacenter architecture, our computational storage SSDs were designed around an innovative and non-obvious concept – improve application performance and reduce power consumption by minimizing the movement of data between storage devices and servers in petabyte-scale application clusters.

Several of the topics at the OCP Global Summit highlight the issues that NGD Systems is working to solve with our computational storage products; these include TCO of Innovation in the Data Center, Future Memory and Storage Technologies Fueling Innovation in the Cloud, SSD with Compression for the Compute and Storage Infrastructure, Software-Defined Flash Futures Driving Next-Generation Cloud Services.

While these topics (and others during the week) highlight the issues that are becoming more prevalent in the data center, they kind of miss the basic problems:

  • Petabyte-scale parallel workloads are becoming more common; and
  • The problems that they present cannot be solved with today’s conventional server architectures, no matter how much we fine-tune them or augment them.

As someone once said, you can’t turn a pig into a racehorse – the best you can do is make is a fast pig.

The real problem is scaling storage, processing, and the interconnect between them linearly and in tandem with each other. That is what the 16TB Newport U.2 NVMe® SSD, the world’s most advanced U.2 SSD, is specifically designed to do. By embedding a multi-core ARM processor and dedicated hardware for accelerating artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in the Newport computational storage controller ASIC, NGD Systems provides a platform that perfectly matches processing, storage, and interconnectivity into a 2U package that is 15mm thick and consumes less than 10 watts of power on average. If you want more capacity and processing power, just add more Newport SSDs to your solution. if you would like to hear more about NGD Systems and what our computational storage devices can do for your petabyte-scale applications, contact me to set up a meeting. Thanks!

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