NGD Systems to Co-Chair New SNIA Technical Working Group on NVMe Computational Storage

Nov 12 2018

NGD Systems

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Today the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) announced the formation of a new Technical Working Group (TWG) on Computational Storage, and I am honored to be one of the two co-chairs of the group (the other is Tom Friend of SK Hynix). The Computational Storage TWG’s purpose is to create standards that promote interoperability for computational storage devices. Additionally, the TWG will define industry-wide interfaces and APIs for vendors to use for system deployment, provisioning, management, and security purposes. For Computational Storage and NGD Systems in particular, the formation of the SNIA TWG is important validation of how important this paradigm shifting technology of “Bringing Intelligence to Storage” via Computational Storage is to the broader market.

By the way, if you want to find out more about Computational Storage and next-generation flash devices, please register for our webinar tomorrow that we are holding with LenovoSupermicro, and G2M Research.

While the explicit purpose of a standards group is to develop standards, the also fulfil at least two other purposes. Primarily, the standards created by standards groups encourage interoperability among the products of different vendors and ensures ease of adoption within ecosystem components such as management software. From a customer standpoint, this helps provide significance that the technology is not a ‘Flash in the Pan’ and has true merit and multi-vendor capabilities. An additional propose of the creation of a standards group for new technologies such as Computational Storage is required, as shown by the member companies and sponsors of the TWG.

As the capacity and performance of flash storage devices continues to increase, the challenge of exploiting the value of the data that the storage devices hold becomes more difficult due to the amount of time it takes to transfer data from storage to the CPU. Computational Storage, and the founding and leadership role of NGD Systems, can address this immediately with products already in customer’s hands and validated by industry giants like Microsoft.

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