NGD Systems is a “Cool Vendor” in Storage Technologies, At Least According To Gartner

Nov 27 2018

NGD Systems

Gartner Cool Vendor Award 2018

We have big news and further validation of the relevance of computational storage. Gartner selected NGD Systems a Cool Vendor in Storage Technologies! On November 13th, Gartner released their Fall “Cool Vendors in Storage Technologies” report. This report, authored by Stanley ZaffosValdis FilksJulia Palmer, and Julian Tirsu, explores new storage technologies that are applicable to building agile hybrid could infrastructures to support new digital business initiatives.

Leading Analyst Valdis Filks said NGD Systems is a “Cool Vendor” in Storage Technologies, and a market leader because of our computational storage. We embed processing and application acceleration capabilities in our flash solid-state drives (SSDs) to allow these drives to actually operate (search, transform, encrypt/decrypt, to name a few operations) on the data in them. The advantage of operating data inside an SSD is remarkable. Anyone familiar with us knows these details, but if you aren’t familiar with us here are two of the reasons why we are cool:

  • Our solution is the first (and only) one that provides application acceleration in a System on a Chip (SoC). This (plus our portfolio of patents relative to computational storage and SSDs) allows us to build computational storage products that provide optimal performance and yet are denser and require less power.
  • The Catalina-2, and our latest technology “Newport” products, provide 16TB of capacity in the U.2 form factor. The Catalina-2 is also available in as an add-in card (AiC) form factor, with 32TB of raw flash capacity. Both are market-leading storage capacities.

Who should care about these market-leading capabilities? Our products will appeal to analytics and infrastructure teams that are designing and planning to implement IoT edge solutions, integrated storage/compute solutions and big data/analysis infrastructures. In other words, the entire modern data center management team!

As with any new technology, one of the challenges in getting mainstream adoption is achieving acceptancy by analysts that end users listen to. Gartner is one if the biggest names in the enterprise IT analyst world, and while Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product, or service, being named as a “Cool Vendor” in Storage Technologies is not just a big deal for NGD Systems – it is a big deal for computational storage. We see computational storage as a technology whose performance can both enable a new set of petabyte-scale applications, while significantly reducing the footprint required for these applications.

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