NGD Systems Announces First Scalable NVMe Computational Storage Platform

Mar 06 2019

Adam Armstrong

Today NGD Systems, Inc. announced its Newport Platform, what it calls the industry’s first scalable NVMe computational storage platform. NGD claims that the Newport Platform offers the highest capacity NVMe SSDs and leverages In-Situ processing to eliminate the need for data movement to main memory prior to processing. This means a major bottleneck can be removed allowing the implementation of edge and hyperscale environments at a lower cost.

NGD System Announces First Scalable NVMe Computational Storage Platform

Harnessing the edge will be one of the next large steps in IT. With so much happening with smart and IoT devices, there are tons of insights to be gathered only there is a tremendous latency issue getting this data back to the core. Intelligent edge computing allows organizations to take advantage of the data being collected at the edge. The current solutions to tackle the issue, such as NVMe-oF, composable architectures, GPU and FPGA solutions, all work well but can potentially add a high cost. NGD’s Newport Platform aims to address the issue without the costs, power consumptions, or size of the above solutions.

The new Newport Platform builds off of NGD’s Catalina-2 and Catalina-1 families of computational storage devices (with Catalina-2 being fully compatible with the Newport Platform). According to NGD, its Newport Platform is the first ASIC-based computational storage platform as well as the industry’s first SSD Controller ASIC to be released on a 14nm process technology. Newport leverages NVMe 1.3 PCIe Gen 3.0 x4 in several form factors and has up to 16 flash channels. NGD states Newport does not suffer performance loss due to power throttling.

Product details include:

  • Form Factors: U.2
  • Max Raw Capacity: 16TB
  • Interface/Protocol: PCIe Gen3 x 4; NVMe 1.3
  • Random Read IOPS: Up to 330,000
  • Random Write IOPS: Up to 110,000
  • Error Protection: Patented Error floor Free LDPC
  • Max Power: 12W
  • Operating Temp: 0 degrees C to 60 degrees C


The Newport Platform in U.2 form factor is available today, with other form factors available in the future.

NGD Systems

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