NGD Presents at Storage Field Day 17

Apr 04 2022

NGD Systems

with Nader Salessi

Nader Salessi, NGD Systems CEO, introduces the company to the delegates, and how they are bringing intelligence to storage

NGD Systems Product Introduction

with Scott Shadley

Scott Shadley, VP Marketing, provides an overview of NGD Systems Solutions, built on over 20 patented advances. This runs the from their ASIC design, to hardware optimized for power and capacity, to management algorithms, and firmware design.

NGD Systems Product Technology

with Vladimir Alve

Vladimir Alves, CTO and Co-Founder, discusses their insight that it is cheaper to move computation to data than moving the data itself. He then reviews the traditional approaches to moving computation to data. NGD Systems instead offers Smart SSDs with In-Situ processing using embedded processors on the drives.

NGD Systems Product Demos

Scott Shadley and Vladimir Alves

Scott Shadley, VP Marketing, and Vladimir Alves, CTO and Co-Founder, provide a demo on NGD Systems In-Situ processing in action with an image recognition use case.

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