NGD Named to 2019 Storage Products of the Year

Mar 20 2020

Alicia Hoole

We’re excited to announce that we won the Silver Award for TechTarget and Storage Magazine’s 2019 Storage Products of the Year Awards for our Newport NVMe Computational Storage Drives (CSDs).

The award is a significant win for us as a company and for the Computation Storage market as a whole. We entered our submission for this award is 2019, around the same time the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), a nonprofit global organization dedicated to developing standards and education programs to advance storage and information technology, came up with the official definition of Computational Storage. NGD was a part of these efforts to develop the industry definition, and this award shows how 2019 was a truly remarkable year for Computational Storage and signs of better things to come!

Earning this is award extremely coveted honor where hundreds of stalwart storage companies applied – and NGD Systems was genuinely able to break through with our In-Situ Processing in our Computational Storage technology. We competed against several big names, like IBM, Dell, HPE and DDN, in the industry and came in just behind fellow start up Vast Data. Although we would have loved to have been in first place, if someone is going to come ahead of us, Vast is a great choice. The team at Vast Data, including Howard Marks, an old friend of mine, has also done a great job advancing the storage industry in a bold direction.

As described in previous blog posts, Computational Storage allows an organization to ingest as many bits as possible, churning out just the right information on command and in real-time at the storage level instead of in the CPU. This approach is especially essential with high-capacity NVMe SSDs that require help to manage their data locally and storage computes needs. Computational storage increases efficiency via In-Situ (within) Processing for mass datasets, which reduces network bandwidth and is ideal for hyperscale data center environments, edge processing and AI/data applications.

Our Newport Computational Storage Drive, with up to a32TBs U.2 SSD or 8TB M.2, supplies the highest density products on the market. It marks the continuation of a robust ecosystem for integrated and scalable Computation Storage Drives (CSDs). Newport is the industry’s most advanced NVMe SSD and the first 14nm ASIC-based computational storage platform in the world. It delivers compute resources to the data to dramatically reduce latency and the power required to provide information from massive data sets nearly instantly.

According to TechTarget’s SearchStorage, “The Newport 32 TB NVMe SSD combines high storage density with the ability to process huge AI data sets in near real-time without having to buy additional hardware…Newport drives enable hyperscale edge computing at greater efficiency and lower costs.”


Once an application is recompiled for the Newport environment, “the payback and scale of performance [will be] tremendous,” one judge said about NGD’s 32 TB Newport U.2 NVMe computational storage drive.

The TechTarget’s SearchStorage Products of the Year compares the best in enterprise data storage hardware, software and services to award gold, silver and bronze to the year’s most deserving products. Entries are judged by a panel of analysts, consultants, and Storage magazine and SearchStorage editors. The winners were selected according to the following criteria: Innovation, performance, ease of integration into existing environments, ease of use and manageability, functionality and value.

Check out the full article on the top enterprise storage arrays of the year here, as well as the list of the best enterprise storage systems and products of 2019 here.

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