NGD Launches the Newport U.2 SSD – The Most Advanced SSD Available Today

Apr 01 2019

NGD Systems

Remember what it was like when you were a kid on your birthday, and got to open your presents? For startups, that is what product launches are like! Product launches are the culmination of months (or even years) of work figuring out the right features, building and testing the product, and creating the collateral to explain the products capabilities. And at the product launch, you get to unwrap the new product and show it to the world (literally!).

Today NGD Systems launched the first of our products based on our Newport Computational Storage Platform – the Newport U.2 Computational Storage NVMe SSD. Under the wrapping paper is a pretty awesome present! The Newport U.2 starts out with an industry leading 16TB of storage – the highest capacity NVMe SSD in the business. We then add in NGD Systems’ In-Situ Processing capabilities, which accelerates petabyte-scale workloads from searches to data indexing and artificial intelligence applications. To top that off, we throw in a maximum power consumption of only 12 watts, producing an industry-low ¾ of a watt per terabyte. And all of these capabilities fit into a U.2 form factor.

What does this mean for end-users? For those involved in edge computing with large data sets, the Newport U.2 Computational Storage SSD provides dense, low-power scalable storage and computation in a package that is the fraction of the size of single-board computers. For data center architects putting together solutions for highly parallel products such as FAISS, Hadoop MapReduce, even Aerospike, or Apache HBase, the NGD Systems Newport U.2 Computational Storage SSD provides a high-density solution to build petabyte-scale application cluster with lightning-fast processing in as few as a couple of servers. For every workload, the NGD Systems Newport U.2 SSD eliminates minutes, or even hours, of data movement from storage devices to the CPU/memory complex by executing applications within the SSD and returning only the data required for a particular task. In addition to increased performance, the Newport U.2 Computational Storage SSD also reduces capital expenses (less servers to buy) and operational expenses (less servers to maintain, configure, and provision). The Newport U.2 Computational Storage SSD changes the dynamic of petabyte-scale applications. Happy birthday to the Newport Platform!

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