NAB Show 2019, NVMe Computational Storage and Video Analytics

Apr 09 2019

Scott Shadley

The NAB Show 2019 at the Las Vegas Convention Center (April 6-11) boasts 100,000 attendees from 160 countries. This show attracts a diverse community of industry professionals ranging from broadcasting gurus to film, gaming, mixed reality, VR, AI, AR, radio, sports, and television experts. That is just a sampling of the expertise represented at NAB each year, and, this year boasts a schedule sure to not disappoint.

The Thought Gallery is a collection of works from today’s top media and entertainment professionals. “Video: The Next Frontier for Big Data” is an examination by Dr. Sean Varah, founder and CEO of Motion DSP, a company focused on advanced image processing and video analytics software to enable users to extract critical information from real-time video. As Dr. Varah explains, “Video as a data source has the power to give us information about how people interact with the world around them unlike any other data source.” But extracting information from video has historically been achieved through human observation; i.e., someone watching the video to document details as they occur. Video analytics, powered by computer vision “involves using computer vision algorithms to analyze video pixels automatically, and over time- not only identifying objects in the scene, but also tracking their movements and behavior. With true video analytics you can track patterns of movement of hundreds of objects in the scene, as well as their size, shape, speed, and direction of movement.”

As Scott Shadley of NGD Systems explained during his September GreyBeard talk on the use of computational storage, “All the work to be done on smart SSDs could be the same for the attached SSD and the work could easily be distributed across all attached smart SSDs attached and the host processor. For example, for image processing, a host processor would write images to be processed across all the SSDs and have each perform image recognition and append tags (or other results info) metadata onto the image and then respond back to the host. Or for media transcoding, video streams could be written to a smart SSD and have it perform transcoding completely outboard”.

Big data and real-time analytics present both challenges and opportunities for the tech space. It is a market that is growing exponentially. What was just a storage problem of the past is now a question of relevancy, synthesis, and data application with speed and efficiency. But the Newport Computational Storage Controller has all that and more –

The first storage controller in a 14 nanometer (nm) process technology

The first that supports a full sixteen flash channels

And is Non-Volatile Memory Express® (NVMe®) Version 1.3 capable

Not to mention the fact that the Newport storage controller provides full computational storage capabilities

And can drive a 16TB U.2 NVMe SSD that consumes less than 10 watts of power!

Stop by our booth at NAB- let’s talk Newport Platform Computational Storage or contact me with any questions

An image of a CCTV camera recognizing and processing data to show how effective NVMe processing in image processing and recognition through image metadata processing and fast host response.

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