Live Demo – Real Time AI ML Oil Gas Edge Analytics with NGD Systems, AnyLog, and AI Ops

May 12 2022

NGD Systems

NGD Systems, AnyLog, & AI-Ops demonstrate an integrated platform for Oil & Gas with distributed compute nodes at the edge that process IoT data as a single machine and servicing the edge data to AI processes and applications, in real-time, without centralizing the data.

Through enablement of distributed computational storage nodes, AI models are updated and executed on edge nodes to provide real-time control and processing of an Oi & Gas production line.

NGD Systems ( will provide an overview of computational storage technology, based on its own SoC with ARM core, and how it is deployed on the distributed Edge.

AnyLog ( will demonstrate an AnyLog Network deployed on NGD nodes facilitating automated management of IoT data at the Edge and data virtualization to provide a unified view of the distributed data.

Ai-Op ( will demonstrate a real-time Edge AI control system in an Oil & Gas production use case leveraging Edge Data serviced by NGD CSDs and the AnyLog Network.

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