Is NVMe Computational Storage Real? Microsoft Research Thinks It Is

Aug 24 2018

NGD Systems

NGD Systems logo, Microsoft logo, and an illustration of NGD Systems' storage solutions all together in one image.

Nearly all emerging technologies face significant headwinds on their way to adoption. Think of how long it took for smartphones to go from the “toy” of rich people, executives, and/or techno-geeks to the ubiquitous platform that they are today (especially in developing countries, where they have essentially replaced PCs). Computational storage is just like those smartphone in the early days – it “look interesting” but has yet to “cross the chasm”. One of the greatest impediments to adoption for emerging technologies is a lack of “lighthouse customers” – early adopter organizations who are using the technology to solve real issues, and often for great competitive advantage. For NGD Systems, that “lighthouse customer” is our partner, Microsoft Research. In our joint keynote at the Flash Memory Summit 2018 with Microsoft Research, we talked about the immense problem of big data sets, and some of the ways that Microsoft Research and other ecosystem partners are utilizing computational storage to solve these issues. Want to find out more – view our video on computational storage.

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