Innovation, Part 1

Apr 30 2019

Scott Shadley

OCTANe connects people, resources and capital in the Southern California technology ecosystem, with the goal of creating 55,000 high paying technology jobs in the region by 2030. NGD Systems will be attending the OCTANe Technology Innovation Forum (TIF) on May 13 and 14. The TIF will focus on “the evolution of data and technology as we see the future of work, retail, smart cities, sports, FinTech, national security and health.” Two things jump out of that stated objective: “Innovation” and the “Evolution of data and technology.” NGD Systems has the distinction of receiving the SVC Award for SSD/Flash Storage Innovation of the Year and being named Cool Vendor by Gartner, specifically for our innovation in the storage market.

By adding compute resources within an NVMe SSD for application acceleration, we have accelerated AI and real-time data analytics applications. This allows data analysis without host platform involvement, and without utilizing resources to manage the devices. The result is a 500X improvement in application completion times for petabyte scale datasets. Our computational storage approach – which increases acceleration and reduces infrastructure footprint – earned NGD Systems recognition as a “Cool Vendor in Storage Technologies”. Gartner evaluates “interesting, new, and innovative vendors, products and services” in the storage technologies market when picking cool vendors. They recognized us as “Bringing Intelligence to Storage” by adding compute resources within an NVMe SSD for significantly better performance, reduced costs, and a simplified approach to real-time data analytics.

Innovation? High performance ARM processors, application-specific acceleration hardware, Linus containers, and applicability for real-time analytics, artificial intelligence, edge computing, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Our Newport Computational Storage Platform provides next-generation computational storage capabilities to the marketplace. Newport is the first 16 flash channel ASIC-based computational storage solution that provides In-Situ Processing with NVMe 1.3 PCIe Gen 3.0 x4 storage performance in a variety of form factors including M.2 and EDSFF that do not suffer from performance due to power throttling like other architectures.

But, that is just the innovation side of the OCTANe TIF. Our next blog takes a closer look at “the evolution of data and technology.” Let’s connect to look at how our innovation can help you will your edge computing/IoT problem.

OCTANe Techonology Innovation Forum and NGD System logos.

OCTANe Technology Innovation Forum and NGD Systems logos.

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