Get to Know NGD Systems Executives: EVP Edition

Nov 18 2019

Richard Mataya

I often get asked how I got started with NGD Systems and I always start by saying that this is the culmination of a 30-year adventure. Over my career there has been one constant – driving the development and introduction of cutting-edge solid-state storage technology. While many great solid state drive products were introduced at Memtech, it was in fact at STEC where we introduced the first SSDs for enterprise applications. It was then and there that I met Nader Salessi and Vladimir Alves, and the rest is history.

Together, we shared the same vision: build a better system to process the massive amounts of data being generated by the enterprise, and with that goal we co-founded NGD Systems in 2013. The rise of connected devices in the enterprise and industrial applications meant businesses were not only looking for flexible high-capacity storage, but a way to efficiently process data at the edge, literally letting customers put compute anywhere.

Today, our platform delivers compute resources to the data in situ, dramatically reducing latency and required power. It can be used to deliver information from massive data sets nearly instantly and much more cost-effectively.

Being the EVP overseeing all of Product Development and Operations is not easy. New challenges arise almost every day, sometimes every hour, but the team I have at NGD Systems makes my job rewarding. It’s no easy task bringing our products to market, but we have built an impressive team from top to bottom. Ultimately, what I like best is that we get to create and solve complex puzzles and provide our customers with unrivaled products that will solve their toughest business and storage problems. You truly must love technology to enjoy the work and I am very fortunate that my product team is as passionate as I am when it comes to creating game-changing solutions.

Throughout the course of 2019, we continually evolved our Newport Platform of Computational Storage Drives (CSD) into unchartered territory, whether that’s the first ever 32TB U.2 NVMe CSD or embedding the Azure IoT Edge service directly within our Computational Storage SSDs, making us the only platform to support the service directly within a storage device. But this is just the tip of the iceberg as our production plans for 2020 and beyond include even more exciting advances. While I’d like to share them all here, we need to ensure we have a few surprises coming up. Technology is always evolving, keeping us on our toes to constantly adjust and reinvent. It’s been a very busy few years for us and we have no intention of slowing down!

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