Get To Know NGD Systems Executives: CEO Edition

Oct 03 2019

Nader Salessi

For the past 30 years I have worked with and formed a love for technology. In the early 2000’s I decided to hone in on storage used in all kinds of computing, working for companies such as STEC and Western Digital. While discussing with customers during that time, I found there was a demand for something new and a better way to process massive amounts of data. You see, as the data workloads were continuing to grow and become more complicated, I felt the storage products being built, like SSDs, needed something not done before. It was then when I took a leap of faith, if you will, and founded NGD Systems to provide a revolutionary new technology now called Computational Storage by the market.

My team and I created an innovative solution to today’s architecture, in which compute moves closer to where data is generated, rather than the data being moved up to compute. After securing our initial direction and filing our first patents, we started to implement the technology and designed and released our first Computational Storage Drives (CSDs) to allow data to be stored and analyzed within the drives in a much quicker manner – as a matter of fact, 20 to 30-times faster for some customers.

This cutting-edge technology is truly the future of storage as we most recently witnessed during Flash Memory Summit 2019 with over 15 companies presenting on the topic. The tsunami of data will not slow down and with bandwidth limitations, more companies will soon rely on this now needed technology. An example of this demand in real life can be seen with autonomous cars which cannot transfer the right amount of data needed while driving but only when parked and plugged in, creating a data gap that can impact lives. Computational Storage allows data to be stored, analyzed and processed, even massive amounts of data, without having the network and power bottlenecks and slow downs.

At NGD Systems, everyone has the same mentality and passion as I for Computational Storage. My team is creative and constantly thinking beyond. They understand and agree that the old fashion way of storage doesn’t work and focus on how to break the barriers to create breakthrough technology. There is no obligation, we don’t take roll call or anything, to come into the office, but everyone still does for the collaborative work environment and to see the impact of their work becoming so valuable. Everyone at NGD has impacted me and helped me become a stronger leader in this ‘family’ we call NGD Systems.

I am grateful for everyone at NGD Systems who believed in the idea and helped us bring it to life.

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