Gartner Says We Are A Cool Vendor. Let’s Get “Techy” About It!

Nov 29 2018

NGD Systems

Gartner Cool Vendor 2018 Award

If you read our blog from Tuesday, you know that NGD Systems was named as a “Cool Vendor” in storage technology by Gartner this month. As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for NGD Systems, this is especially meaningful to me. After all, this validates our technology and shows it is about cool technology, where NGD Systems is first and foremost focused. In our case, that technology is the paradigm shift in infrastructure called Computational Storage, and with SNIA engaged too, there is no stopping this innovation.

Scott’s blog a couple of days ago explained why Computational Storage is important for a variety of applications. Now, I would like to talk a bit about what makes our technology useful, unique, and especially, recognized as “Cool”. If it would have been easy to just embed an ARM processor inside of an NVMe SSD controller, we wouldn’t need to have started this company! At least for our team, which has hundreds of years of experience in this field, it was a much easier decision to start and drive this technology forward. We also decided to do a couple of additional things that could be more challenging for others, but far more valuable to our customers. At the heart of our solutions is a drop-in-ready NVMe SSD and then add processing and we even added hardware acceleration blocks. This provides us with the ability to accelerate unique and broad functions such as encryption/decryption, artificial intelligence, and search/indexing.

The second thing we did was to architect our computational solution to provide optimal performance for the datacenter and edge use cases. Our Industry first ASIC controller, the Newport computational storage platform, has up to sixteen (16) channels to address the flash on the drive. This provides Newport with the ability to provide both high capacity (up to 8TB in M.2 form factor, and up to 32TB in a U.2 drive) and optimized performance. So for our customers, there isn’t a need to make tradeoffs between performance, capacity, and having computational storage – with Newport, you get all three. We are confident that our technologies, and the products that they are the heart of, will enable new applications and shrink the physical, power, and cost footprint of existing ones. Thanks again to Gartner for recognizing NGD Systems and the “Coolness” of our technology!

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