Event Season in Full Bloom: HPC & AI On Wall Street

Sep 03 2019

Scott Shadley

Fall is our favorite season! Why? Because it’s peak event season! NGD Systems will be attending HPC & AI On Wall Street next week, where thought leaders, users, and solution providers meet to share lessons learned and discuss the latest technology innovations. With the convergence of big data and artificial intelligence (AI), businesses must stay ahead of the rapidly evolving fintech solutions required that transcend questions of scale.

Today, financial institutions must process terabytes, petabytes, if not exabytes, of data – often utilizing the HPC and AI processing frameworks. That said, in addition to storing large amounts of data, organizations must also be able to quickly analyze and extract relevant data. NGD Systems’ Computational Storage Drives (CSD), part of a new industry standard, can help solve those issues by enabling customers with the ability to execute AI and other meaningful applications within the storage to reduce latency and provide acceleration of their results.

Computational Storage is not just a different approach to moving, or not moving, data. It instead sorts and focuses on the relevant data via In-Situ Processing. The amount of data moved to memory is a manageable subset of the entire dataset, which increases processing speed. With NGD’s Computational Storage Solution there is a 20x or more improvement in capacity. This approach maximizes efficiency, reduces power consumption and saves financial costs.

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We hope to see you September 11 -12 at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City! Find us at booth 105A.

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