Even Mosquitoes Sort First

May 30 2019

Scott Shadley

Do you tend to get mosquito bites all over you or does the person next to you, and you are the lucky one to avoid them? Did you know that it is not random that some people get bit and others do not? Mosquitoes are actually fairly picky! Mosquitoes don’t taste each person and then settle on a favorite. In fact, studies have suggested that a person’s blood type (particularly type O), pregnancy, and beer drinking are all factors that can make you more attractive to mosquitoes. If your sweat smells delicious- the right combination of moisture and lactic acid- then for mosquitos you are the “filet mignon” of the day.

Mosquitos sort us and select us based on our smell for a reason. They have a short lifetime, and sampling every person would take too much time and too much energy. They are not the only creature in nature that works like this – most species use some form of “a priori” sorting to reduce the time for a variety of activities. Wait – where have I heard that concept before??? Oh yeah – that is the concept behind Computational Storage.

Computational Storage is a method of finding the data subset you need, quickly and efficiently. By utilizing in-situ processing within the storage device, data is sorted using real-time data analytics to yield the result you need without wasting resources. And, as a nice byproduct, computational storage uses less power. Higher efficiency means, as the phrase goes, “no sweat” (and perhaps avoiding a mosquito or two)! Want to learn more about bringing intelligence to storage? Contact me! Cheers!

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