Nader Salessi, Nov 20 2019

NVMe Computational Storage Predictions For 2020: CDN, 5G And More

As you may be aware, Computational Storage throws out the legacy storage playbook and looks at processing and analyzing data in an […]

Chris Mellor, Nov 18 2019

What’s the difference between NVMe computational storage and storage computation in memory? Let’s find out

nCorium rejects the idea of performing compute in storage to accelerate storage IO. The early stage storage startup suggests we […]

NGD Systems, Oct 28 2019

NGD Awarded 30th Patent

Interface compatible with M.2 connector socket for high capacity SSD To get one-year unlimited access to all the News 50,000+ […]

Amber Lee Dennis, Oct 24 2019

Addressing Edge Computing Needs with Advanced Data Storage

The number of companies using edge computing is rapidly growing as real-time insights are becoming more important to business success. […]

Brian Bailey, Oct 23 2019

Utilizing Computational Memory

For systems to become faster and consume less power, they must stop wasting the power required to move data around […]

Brian Bailey, Sep 26 2019

Solving The Memory Bottleneck

Chipmakers are scrambling to solve the bottleneck between processor and memory, and they are turning out new designs based on […]

Scott Shadley, Aug 28 2019

When NVMe is Simply Not Enough: The Future of Storage for Edge Workloads

Click to learn more about author Scott Shadley. SSDs have evolved over the past decade to meet the growing demand of […]

Tom Coughlin, Aug 16 2019

Getting Solid At FMS

One last blog on the 2019 Flash Memory Summit. This one covers some of the SSD keynotes announcements as well […]

Chris Mellor, Aug 15 2019

NetApp squeezes ONTAP into teeny weeny device

NetApp is working on running ONTAP, an operating system for storage arrays, on IOT edge devices and other small things […]

Ray, Aug 13 2019

Where should IoT data be processed – part 1

I was at FlashMemorySummit 2019 (FMS2019) this week and there was a lot of talk about computational storage (see our […]

Chris Mellor, Aug 12 2019

Azure IoT Edge runs inside an NGD SSD

Computational storage supplier NGD has embedded the Azure IoT Edge service within its SSDs. NGD has announced the 32TB Newport […]

David Floyer, Aug 06 2019

Amazon Acquires Blazing Fast E8 Storage Technology

Premise: Reasons for AWS Acquisition of E8 Storage The E8 storage technology architecture is the first to break completely with […]

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