Neil Werdmuller, Oct 23 2020

What is computational storage? Everything you need to know

The volume of data we generate is expected to grow by an impressive 27 per cent a year, according to […]

Bryon Moyer, Jul 09 2020

Moving Data And Computing Closer Together

The speed of processors has increased to the point where they often are no longer the performance bottleneck for many […]

Stacey Peterson, Senior Site Editor, Jun 23 2020

NVMe Computational Storage Fundamentals Explained

Computational storage is all about moving computation closer to storage and reducing the amount of data that must travel between storage […]

Joseph F. Kovar, Apr 14 2020

The 20 Coolest Component Vendors: The 2020 Storage 100

While software is what pushes data here and there, that software and that data need the right base on which […]

Stacey Peterson, Mar 25 2020

NVMe Computational Storage Terminology Explained

Computational and edge storage are changing the way we manage data at the network edge. Understanding the terminology around this […]

Daniel Robinson, Feb 25 2020

NVMe Computational Storage Winds Its Way Towards The Mainstream

Enterprises are said to be awash in data, and one of the problems posed by all this data is not […]

Chris Mellor, Feb 06 2020

Compute-in-storage startup NGD raises $20m

Compute-in-storage pioneer NGD has raised $20m in a C-series round to develop production of its technology and invest in sales […]

Carol Sliwa, Jan 31 2020

Data storage architecture poised for disruption in 2020

The pillars of enterprise storage architecture will rock and sway in 2020 and beyond, as IT organizations continue to sort […]

Alex Woodie, Dec 23 2019

Big Data Predictions: What 2020 Will Bring

With just over a week left on the 2019 calendar, it’s now time for predictions. We’ll run several stories featuring […]

Tom Coughlin, Dec 23 2019

Digital Storage Projections For 2020, Part 2

This will be the second in our set of three blogs about projections for the digital storage and memory industry […]

Nader Salessi, Nov 22 2019

NGD Systems 2020 Predictions: NVMe, 5G and Content Delivery Networks

NVMe, 5G and Content Delivery Networks As data sets grow and data-intensive applications such as Big Data analytics, artificial intelligence […]

Scott Shadley, Nov 20 2019

NVMe Computational Storage Reinvigorates Storage in a Novel Way

In this special guest feature, Scott Shadley, VP at NGD Systems, discusses the SNIA Computational Storage (CS) working group’s technical progress […]

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