NGD Systems, Apr 03 2022

2021 Big50 Startup Report

Karen D. Schwartz, Mar 13 2022

What To Know About Computational Storage Devices

Computational storage has gained traction amid a boom of unstructured data and data at the edge. Learn the ins and […]

Nehaal Pillai, Consultant, STL Partners, Sep 21 2021

How Edge Computing Will Impact Hardware

With connectivity increasing rapidly, alongside the need for low latency “real-time” data processing, it is no surprise that many companies […]

NGD Systems, Aug 03 2021

Nuke checker Los Alamos Labs investigating NGD computational storage

US nuclear weapon stockpile health checker Los Alamos Labs is looking to see if computational storage can speed up simulation […]

Adrian Bridgwater, Jun 11 2021

Computational storage: A Computer Weekly analysis series

Software runs on data and data is often regarded as the new oil. So it makes sense to put data […]

Adrian Bridgwater, Jun 10 2021

Computational storage: NGD Systems / SNIA – Icebergs at the Edge

Software runs on data and data is often regarded as the new oil. So it makes sense to put data […]

NGD Systems, Apr 27 2021

The 20 Coolest Storage Component Vendors: The 2021 Storage 100

NGD Systems’ storage component that’s been giving software and data the right base on which to operate is part of […]

Chris Mellor, Apr 27 2021

Your Occasional Storage Digest with NGD Computational Storage and More

The headline story in this week’s storage digest is concerned with NGD’s computational storage drives reducing deep neural net training […]

Amnon Izhar, Mike Robillard, and Dragan Savic., Feb 09 2021

Computational Storage in the Data Decade

As users, many of us focus on the interfaces that we use to connect with and control today’s operating systems, […]

Brett Daniel, Dec 10 2020

Trenton Systems partners with NGD Systems for ruggedized, high-capacity computational storage drives to boost AI, ML performance at the edge

Lawrenceville, Georgia, Thursday, Dec. 10, 2020 – Trenton Systems, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of ruggedized, cybersecure, made-in-USA computer systems […]

Chris Mellor, Nov 16 2020

Computational storage firm NGD touts 12TB ruler SSD

NGD, the computational storage startup, has added a 12TB capacity short ruler-format drive to its lineup. Computational drives feature an […]

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