Scott Shadley, Jun 11 2019

Today Marks the Birth of Some Big Capabilities in a Very Small Package

Product launches are always events that we in marketing try to make the most of. First of all, they don’t […]

Scott Shadley, Jun 06 2019

Tech Trend #2 – Artificial Intelligence, or Making a Reservation in your Best Human-like Voice?

As we stated in our last blog, the tech trends of 2019 all point to data management and digital transformation. […]

Eli Tiomkin, Jun 04 2019

Nine Tech Trends and the 5G Debate

Tech trends of 2019 all point to data management and digital transformation. Nine tech trends identified by BBVA include: 1) 5G Networks; […]

Scott Shadley, May 30 2019

Even Mosquitoes Sort First

Do you tend to get mosquito bites all over you or does the person next to you, and you are […]

Scott Shadley, May 28 2019

Real-Time Data Analytics Saves Lives

There was a time when a look to the sky was the only indicator of the day’s weather. Today, weather […]

Scott Shadley, May 02 2019

The Evolution of Data and Technology, OCTANe TIF Part 2

NGD Systems will be attending the OCTANe Technology Innovation Forum (TIF) on May 13 and 14. Two things jump out of their stated […]

Scott Shadley, Apr 30 2019

Innovation, Part 1

OCTANe connects people, resources and capital in the Southern California technology ecosystem, with the goal of creating 55,000 high paying technology […]

Scott Shadley, Apr 25 2019

Edge Computing’s Need for NVMe Computational Storage, Part 2

Our last blog discussed why computational storage was a good fit for edge computing from a power, cooling, and space […]

Scott Shadley, Apr 23 2019

Edge Computing’s Need for NVMe Computational Storage

Before we explore how edge computing can benefit from computational storage, it is worth defining what edge computing is. Edge computing is […]

Scott Shadley, Apr 18 2019

Big Data: Collect it All, Sort it Later?

Technology industry analyst Charles Araujo best summarizes the early approach to big data as “Collect it all, sort it out […]

Scott Shadley, Apr 16 2019

The Progress of AI and Big Data in Business

The AI & Big Data Expo in London (April 25-26, 2019) showcases next-gen technologies and strategies for practical AI and […]

Scott Shadley, Apr 11 2019

Big Data, Machine Learning, and Newport NVMe Computational Storage

Big data references the amount, type, and speed of data analytics for purposes such as ecommerce metrics, business intelligence, research […]

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