Alan Renouf, Oct 08 2021

Why Computational Storage Makes Sense for the Edge

The continual increase in the quantity of the data that systems must process places a burden on traditional system architectures, leading to […]

Scott Shadley, Jun 17 2021

Chia-Plotting-Farming-Part 2-Power-&-AutoPlotting

In my previous article, I discussed Dirt and Tractors… Now it is time to wrap up the discussion with a conversation […]

SNIA CMSI, May 28 2021

Q&A on Data Movement and Computational Storage

Recently, the SNIA Compute, Memory, and Storage Initiative hosted a live webcast “Data Movement and Computational Storage”, moderated by Jim […]

Scott Shadley, May 13 2021

CHIA-Auto-Plotting-Farming-Blockchain-Crypto Done Right

What is Chia? I am sure you have heard of the new Crypto Coin “Chia” right? It the first of […]

Eli Tiomkin, VP of Business Development, Oct 06 2020

Edge Compute and NVMe Computational Storage – AWS Greengrass

Eli Tiomkin, VP of Business Development What happens when you bring two great technologies together in a truly innovative way? […]

Scott Shadley, Jul 10 2020

What’s with All the Hype

What does a #HypeCycle from Gartner mean to you as a customer??? From their site here: Separate hype from the real […]

Mike Yousef, SVP, Jun 02 2020

I’m Givin’ Her All She’s Got Captain!

“I’m Givin’ Her All She’s Got, Captain” In my last post we talked about an experiment with neural networks we […]

Mike Yousef, SVP, May 26 2020

I’m Givin’ Her All She’s Got Captain

“I’m Givin’ Her All She’s Got, Captain” Those immortal words come from Montgomery “Scotty” Scott, Chief Engineer on the starship […]

Scott Shadley, Mar 23 2020

Creating an Edge Computing Business Plan

Edge computing has taken the technology industry by storm and with the advent of 5G, smart/autonomous cars, and content delivery […]

Alicia Hoole, Mar 20 2020

NGD Named to 2019 Storage Products of the Year

We’re excited to announce that we won the Silver Award for TechTarget and Storage Magazine’s 2019 Storage Products of the Year […]

Scott Shadley, Feb 26 2020

Starting 2020 with a Bang! Series C Funding Accelerates the Production and Deployment of NGD’s NVMe Computational Storage Drives

We recently announced the closing of our Series C funding round, bringing in $20 million to accelerate the production and […]

Scott Shadley, Dec 22 2019

Compression and Decompression Is Bottlenecking Datacenters: NVMe Computational Storage Eases the Pain

Compression and decompression issues are becoming more common throughout the entire datacenter and across all industries. With data volumes ballooning, […]

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