AIC Webinar: Computational Storage—Your Strategic IT Advantage

Apr 01 2022

NGD Systems

Computational Storage or In-Storage-Compute is an architecture that provides compute resources to offload the host CPU of tasks better suited to be run local to the data. It also reduces the data movement by processing the data inside the Computational Storage Drive (CSD), also known as an NVMe SSD with added compute, to reduce the amount of data that has to move between the storage plane and the compute plane for easily distributed tasks. Reducing the data movement has the added benefit of significantly reducing the overall system power requirements by unburdening the CPU.

In this webinar, NGD Systems provides an overview of Computational Storage architectures, including their ARM-based solutions, and outlines practical ways for your company to explore Computational Storage Resources (CSR) and Computational Storage Functions (CSF) by starting from current ‘off the shelf’ architectures and showing how to incorporate these CSDs into the design phase of current and new products.

AMD and AIC will also give a deep dive on the other building blocks for designing Computational Storage solutions, highlighting the latest PCIe Gen 4.0 processors, servers, and storage.

The terms used are defined by the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and can be found here:

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