2018 Has Been A Great Year for NGD Systems!

Dec 11 2018

NGD Systems

Wine party to celebrate 2018 achievements.

2018 has certainly been a year with a lot of milestones for NGD Systems! An abbreviated list of these milestones includes the following:

  • Scott Shadley joined NGD Systems as the VP of Marketing in January (OK – that’s me, and I was actually hired the month before, but it’s still a good milestone!).
  • NGD Systems received Series B funding in the amount of over $12M (our funding goal).
  • We begin our technology partnership with Microsoft Research on the application of Computational Storage to the Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing.
  • NGD Systems launched the U.2 form factor of our Catalina-2 computational storage solid-state drive (SSD).
  • We demonstrated the acceleration of the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Similarity Search (FAISS) with our Catalina-2 Computational Storage SSD, achieving nearly-constant performance regardless of the data set size, and up to 32X performance increase over standard server architectures.
  • NGD Systems wins the Best in Show Award at the 2018 Flash Memory Summit.
  • We completed tape-out and received the first samples of our Newport and Laguna System on a Chip (SoC) Computational Storage Controller/Accelerators, which will be the heart of the products we will launch in early 2019.
  • NGD Systems wins the SVC SSD/Flash Storage Innovation of the Year Award (against companies like Pure Storage and NetApp!).
  • NGD Systems was named a “Cool Vendor in Storage Technologies” by Gartner.

As I said, this is just the “short list” of what we achieved! To me, these milestones represent three fundamental achievements: i) they show that computational storage can have a real impact on application performance; ii) the larger IT community recognizes the value of computational storage; and iii) NGD Systems is well-positioned for an even better 2019! In my next blog, I will talk about some of what next year will hold for us, and why it will be an even bigger year that 2018 was for NGD Systems.

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